A limited NFT collection.
The club is open.


GDPC is a pure collection of 6000 unique Goofy Dog NFTs (some are rarer than others), that double as membership card into the Goofy Dog Privy Club. These unique digital collectibles are living on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • Our membership costs the same for everyone, no price tiers or presales.



  • Every Goofy Dog is unique and one of a kind (there is no two dogs exactly the same), but some are rarer than other. They are randomly generated with more than 110 possible traits like eyewear, headwear, clothing, impression, etc.

  • Every Goofy Dog owner gets not only an avatar or a rare piece of the “art”.
    First of all, the Goofy Dog NFTs will allow any holder to mint a new NFT within upcoming related projects. Each member of the club will also be able to enjoy more exclusive benefits in future, which will increase over time.

Twenty dogs are being held from the sale.
These twenty dogs will be used for
giveaways, rewards and for the creators.


We have a few roadmap milestones through our first journey together.

These milestones can be unlocked only by the community.

As soon as we reach a certain percentage of sales, we will start working on the realization of the goal.


  • 20% - The last room from Goofy Dog's Lab gets unlocked. Тhe non-escaped Goofy dogs are released. 7 Goofy Dogs are airdropped to random Goofy Holders.
  • 40% - The Goofy charity Foundation gets unlocked.
  • 60% - Member-exclusive GDPC Merch Store is unlocked with limited cool shit. All profits goes to the Goofy Foundation.
  • 70% - The city wall is unlocked where each member can paint their own graffiti.
  • 80% - Treasure Hunt begins! The first one to solve the mystery wins 7 ETH, Goofy Dog, Goofy Room and a piece from the next collection.
  • 90% - Goofy hotel gets unlocked. Each Goofy Dog owner will receive a Goofy Room NFT. Because every creature needs a home. Also a vote for a shitcoin is started - Goofy Dog Privy Club crypto coin to be made.
  • 100% - LARGER Goofy laboratory gets unlocked. Second kind of hybrids are released. Every Goofy Dog owner will receive an NFT from the new collection. We release roadmap 2.0 and will be looking for new collabs.
  • Our Goofy adventure just begins.


  • When we reach the milestone at 70% the city wall is unlocked. It contains a canvas accessible only to wallets containing at least one dog. Every dog-holder will be able to paint one pixel every 10 minutes. You can draw what you want and everybody will see it...we smile too. We suggest you to work together to achieve better results. Have fun !


  • We are here and we are staying.

  • Our membership costs the same for everyone, no price tiers or presales.

  • Roadmap milestones can be unlocked only by the community.


The Goofy Dogs are intelligent artificially created half-human, half-dog hybrids living in 2123.
These creatures, as well as many others, have been living on Planet Earth for 100 years, but have been kept in secret laboratories since their creation in 2023.
After World War III, Planet Earth is nearly destroyed and humans colonize Mars, the Moon, and another Earth-like planet. The Goofy Dogs and some of the other creatures have run away from The Goofy Laboratories and hid to save themselves just before the outbreak of the War.
Now they live in their own city, which they manage.
Be careful, because not every Goofy Dog is as cute as it seems.


GDPC was created by two “artists” who had so much fun doing this. They aim to create a strong community, brought together by lifestyle, gaming, sports, fashion and web3.

  • Wild Muffin

  • $ugar Darth

Available on OpenSea
For a colaboration send us email at : thegoofylabs@gmail.com

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